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Well, that was fun!  

I hope that you enjoyed listening to the PODCAST as much as I enjoyed being on it.

And I couldn’t be more excited to create this special offer JUST FOR YOU!

Do you struggle with looking in your closet and not being sure where to start?

Do you feel like you don’t even have time to think about what to wear?

Do you wish that your external image was a truer reflection of who you really are?

Sound familiar

This is exactly why I created the STYLED: Exclusively for Podcast Listeners just for you!   Let’s connect, talk through your style vision and get you pointed in the right direction.

Let’s be clear, you already have personal style – you just need some help to refine it so that it reflects who you are now!

In this 15 minute complimentary Style Clarity Call, you’ll walk away with clarity around your ideal personal image, with tips, tricks and suggestions for a few stylish and easy looks, all curated from your own closet.

We’ll work together to…

  • up your confidence along with your style when you get dressed.
  • help you to look and feel good in the body that you currently have.
  • show you how to get dressed and feel like how you now look is a reflection of who you are on the inside.

Join me for this Style Clarity Call if

  • you are ready to take your personal image look to the next level.
  • you feel like you have nothing in your closet that reflects the woman that you are now.
  • you look into your wardrobe, not even sure where to start, but know that you need to shake things up.

The Ultimate Goal

to ensure that the woman that

you see reflected back at you in

the mirror (hey there,

beautiful!) matches who you

are on the inside.


I have helped countless women, feeling just like you, get out of their clothing rut and step into the world looking and feeling fabulous and confident about how they are showing up. It’s time to shift your focus back to YOU!  

Let’s get you started with a couple of stylish looks, right from your own closet.

What clients are saying

Hailey is my go-to for all things style. I love how she can mix and match pieces I already have, with the odd new piece, then add some accessories to completely change the look. I also appreciate her honesty-she won’t let me wear something unflattering. With an innate sense of style and humour, Hailey is a pleasure to work with.
SC- Client
STYLED: For a Special Event
Loved making it more playful, less stressful.
I actually DID have a lot in my closet but I hadn't thought of it that way...
JM- Client
STYLED: For a Special Event
The best part of working with Hailey surprised me. I was looking for help reimaging my weekend wardrobe, but I got so much more. On a much deeper level, Hailey helped me reflect on why I was able to feel confident in my work presentation, but stuck when it came to more casual looks. While my hope was to glean some expert style tips and advice, and maybe a few new outfits, too, I left with much more. Thank-you for the fun, the laughs and your sage words. You are a find!
BMT - Client
STYLED: Level Up Your Weekend Workshop

Meet your coach



My name is Hailey Verity, an entrepreneur, educator and certified coach who helps women (who have been through a thing or two) restore their sense of self through their personal style, one fabulous outfit at a time.