Wardrobe solutions for women who are ready to regain their confidence, level up their style, and feel good from the inside out.



Wardrobe solutions for women who are ready to regain their confidence, level up their style, and feel good from the inside out.


…the way that you feel when you step into a room sets the tone for the first impression that you create. Whether it’s for a job interview, a second date, a meeting at your child’s school or a keynote speech, the way you carry yourself directly impacts the way people will perceive you.

Are you heading back into the workforce after being home for a while to raise your family and feeling like the woman that you are now isn’t reflected in the clothes in your closet?
Are your kids grown and you are looking to reclaim YOU as you step into the next chapter of your relationship with your partner?
Are you newly single and need the confidence and the outfits to put yourself back out there on the dating scene?
Are you making that bold life shift from Corporate to that of an Entrepreneur and aren’t quite sure how to replace that power suit with clothes that convey your new venture?

Remember, not so long ago, when you had that one dress, jacket, or pair of heels that made you feel like you could positively conquer the world?



…if you felt like that EVERY TIME you got dressed in the morning—no matter the day, no matter the size of your to-do list, no matter the circumstance at home.

The ultimate goal – to ensure that the woman that you see reflected back at you in the mirror (hey there, beautiful!) matches who you now are on the inside.

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

Diane von Furstenberg



Seasonal Refresh

Let’s work together to curate your wardrobe for THIS season of your life so that you know you  have outfits that are sure to be home run and you can step out the door with confidence, putting your best foot forward.


Into Leadership

Designed to support leaders like you in creating your unique signature style that showcases your personality, your power and your presence, this 3 session program is a blend of group coaching and personal styling, ideal for organizations and individuals who are ready to level up how you show up daily in your leadership role.


For A Special Event

Are you speaking at a conference? Getting a new headshot? Preparing for a special event? Let’s work together to curate a look and a mindset that will have you looking and feeling confident, put together and perfectly YOU!

The Community



“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

Want to hang out with other women just like you?
In Styled: Together, we’re a small, engaged community where women uplift each other.

“I am good at many things–but styling an outfit to help me convey professionalism and feel comfortable in front of hundreds of people is not one of those things.

Hailey is my go-to for all things style. I love how she can mix and match pieces I already have, with the odd new piece, then add some accessories to completely change the look. I also appreciate her honesty-she won’t let me wear something unflattering. With an innate sense of style and humour, Hailey is a pleasure to work with.”

Shelagh Cummins, Founder and CEO - ShelaghCummins.com

About Me


I’m Hailey Verity, an entrepreneur, educator and certified coach who helps women (who have been through a thing or two) restore their sense of self through their personal style, one fabulous outfit at a time.