Signature Process


When you book your call, we’ll spend 30 minutes chatting about my favorite subject: YOU. I’ll want to know who you are, what your biggest struggles are, and where you’d like to be 3 months from now.


We’ll talk about how I can best support you and which package will get you the results you want. Then, we’ll put an action plan into place so it’s smooth sailing as we work together.





When our work together is done and you’re confident, happy, and head-to-toe glowing (inside and out), we’ll hop on a wrap up call to do a little reflecting on how far you’ve come. Plus, I offer continuing support to help you with goal setting and mindset, wardrobe styling and personal shopping if you need it!


Yes! You absolutely can. Whether you choose Styled: Seasonal Refresh (private coaching),  Styled: Into Leadership (private or small group coaching for women in leadership), Styled: For a Special Event (private coaching) or Styled: Together (our Community), your new mindset work and closet overhaul will take just 15 minutes a day. In other words, you can rebuild your confidence AND your closet in the time it takes to get the coffee going in the morning.

That’s where the coaching part of “Style Coach” comes in.  My job is to support you through the process, provide accountability and timelines (that work within the context of your life) and guide you through some of the blocks that are standing between where you are now and where you envision yourself being. 

Not sure of that vision of yourself?  We can craft that together too.  

In the end, you will have some curated looks that will have you feeling and looking fabulous, while diminishing overwhelm and decision fatigue that is so common.  “A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear” will no longer be your reality!



In fact, the opposite is true!  Many of my clients are taking this time to revisit their closets and curate their looks.  They will emerge from this pandemic feeling like they can dress simply and stylishly with their capsule wardrobes ready to go.  Nothing quite like putting your best foot forward once our social lives are back on track.

Absolutely!  Whether you would like to take a more holistic approach to your wardrobe or you have a specific event in mind (speaking engagement, wedding, headshots) where you require a couple of really fabulous options, a seasonal tweak can be a great idea.  Our Styled: Seasonal Refresh clients end up with a digital “Lookbook” of curated outfits, making getting ready a snap.  Wouldn’t it be great to have that at your fingertips each season?  Let’s talk.

Technology is a beautiful thing (one of the many silver linings of COVID) and makes it possible to work together regardless of your location or time zone.