Get out of your style rut and become that confident, has-it-all-together woman you know that you can be!

Let’s hop on a Style Check-In Call, where we’ll chat about your lifestyle, what’s working and what’s not with your style and come up with a plan to show the world your best version of you.


Package 1


Seasonal Refresh

Time for a Seasonal Refresh?

Let’s work together to curate your wardrobe for THIS season of your life so that you know you  have outfits that are sure to be home run and you can step out the door with confidence, putting your best foot forward.


  • Let’s start by defining your Style Vision together.
  • We’ll shop your closet for the foundation pieces to start your Seasonal Wardrobe Refresh. 
  • We’ll make a wish list for the items that are missing to complete your desired looks.
  • Need me to source those pieces for you?   I’d be happy to!


You will end up with a grab-and-go seasonal wardrobe that you’ll feel great about.  You’ll be confidently walking out the door, knowing that you are  looking and feeling your best –  ready to take on whatever comes your way!

WHAT'S NEXT? That’s completely up to you! But now that you’re styled for this SEASON of your life, almost anything is possible.

Package 2


Into Leadership

A leader’s personality, power and presence directly translates into attracting more opportunities and better clients, which both impact your bottom line. Attention to detail, when it comes to your appearance, sends a message that you will do that for your clients and investors as well.

As a leader, your appearance needs to be a reflection of your success and expertise. People will then perceive you that way and ultimately collaborate with you. Your powerful presence leads to more opportunities and therefore more profits.

When your image shows that you invest in yourself, others will invest in you.

Styled: Into Leadership supports leaders like you in creating your unique signature style that showcases your personality, your power and your presence. This allows you to show up and and put yourself out into the world in a way that is game-changing for you and for your organization.

This 3 session program is a blend of group coaching and personal styling, ideal for organizations and individuals who are ready to level up how you show up daily in your leadership role.

Package 3


For a Special Event

Are you speaking at a conference? Getting a new headshot? Preparing for a special event? Let’s work together to curate a look and a mindset that will have you looking and feeling confident, put together and perfectly YOU!

Let’s connect via Zoom to set your goal for our work together. Through a series of focussed activities, you will pinpoint some words to describe how you want to look and feel for your event. Then, we will determine how to best convey your vision with your attitude and your outfit. I use a unique blend of coaching and styling to help create the best look for you for your specific scenario.

The Community



“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

Want to hang out with other women just like you?
In Styled: Together, we’re a small, engaged community where women uplift each other.


  1. Weekly coaching session
  2. Writing prompts to help you
  3. An engaged group of females who cheer each other on as they take some chances and explore their new personal style.