A dear friend of mine runs the most amazing clothing swap twice a year. The clothes are fabulously curated and well organized. The vendors are amazing. The evening is truly an EVENT that is a must-attend for me and my daughter.  And I just happen to be the poster girl for this Spring’s event –  so I couldn’t help but write about it! (Clearly, we were having a terrible time! Haha.)

📸 : @sheshopswap instagram

I wanted share some of my best tips and tricks for a successful swap. I’ve had incredible luck at this event, scooping up everything from like-new Gucci jeans to a navy JCrew leather hobo bag to some fantastic blouses that are perfect for work. I am counting down the days – SheShopSwap is right around the corner!

📸: Kerri Torrey



Spend some time in your closet,  keeping an eye out for –

1)  Things you haven’t worn in the past year but still have lots of life left.  They might not fit properly,  you might be tired of them, you may just be ready to move along to something fresh/new-to-you)

2)  Things that are unworn but new with tags – you know you’ve got some of those sale items that you couldn’t resist but go with nothing else in your closet!

3) While you are in there, notice any gaps in your wardrobe –  things that you would benefit from picking up but don’t want to buy new (keep this one open-ended –  think in larger categories like “blouses” or “jeans” or “dresses”).

Cull items from #1 and #2 and put them aside to contribute to the Swap on intake day.

Make a note of the #3 things so that you start with a FOCUS on Swap Night and you don’t get overwhelmed by all of the treasures!

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1. Bring a big bag or tote for your items.

2. Wear a tank top/leggings –  there are no change rooms and this is the most efficient way to try things on without a lot of bulk from your other garments underneath.

3. Choose your starting point – decide where you are going to focus your  once the Swap begins in order minimize overwhelm.  

4. Grab any items that seem like a good possibility for you as you go so that you don’t miss out!  You can try them on and put anything back that doesn’t work for you.

5. Do a second lap of the swap once you think that you are done. Things get tried on and recirculated if they didn’t work for the initial person. You’d be surprised at the treasures that resurface as the evening progresses.

6. Be open to possibility –  I have found a number of items at the Swap that were fantastic and not at all on my ”would love to have” list. Remember, this truly is a treasure hunt.

📸: Heather Mauchan

Who’s coming with me on June 4th, 2024?  SheShopSwap is the best swap that I know – you’d be amazed at the things in my wardrobe that I’ve swapped.  It’s a super fun community shopping evening that is essentially FREE! Would love to see you there.