“Current” Is Ageless

“I want to feel current.”  

In a recent conversation with a client, this came up.  Again.  

I often start client conversations with this question:  What impression do you want your peers/ colleagues/clients/ potential clients to get when you show up in a way that reflects your Style Vision?

Their responses are as varied as the women that I coach but the same threads come up again and again – women want to be perceived as experienced, trustworthy, polished, authentic, relatable, dynamic, approachable and CURRENT.

In the wake of HBO’s “And Just Like That” (the “Sex and the City” reboot), I’m sure that you’ve seen the photos comparing Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte with the “Golden Girls”.  But just in case you haven’t, the Coles Notes of the comparison is that the characters (and actresses) in both series are THE SAME AGE!  Yup – the SAME age! 

Being “current” is ageless – and those Golden Girls needed a Personal Style Coach!

These girlfriends happen to be in their early to mid 50’s, but this idea applies to women of every age and stage.  

Let’s be clear, “current” and “trendy” are two completely different things in my mind. Blanche, Dorothy and Rose are neither.  Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have both in spades – all while making wardrobe choices that are true to the women that they are .

Clothes and accessories that are “trendy” tend to be the pieces that you add to your wardrobe and are no longer wearing in 6 months to a year.  They come and go quite quickly –  the colour, the cut, the shape – and in time, we look back and think “what were we thinking?” (Take a peek at my Instagram post and share yours here).  

I fundamentally believe that there is a place for “trendy pieces” in an outfit as an accent and not the foundation pieces – think a nail polish or fashion shoe versus investing in a suit (unless that is the big statement that you are going for).  But that’s another blog for different day…

Items that are “current” are the foundation of your daily wardrobe. They are classics that have an updated twist – a different pant or sleeve length, button selection, colour way.  

Take a moment to reflect.

What’s hanging in your closet? 

Do you feel “current” when you get dressed each day?  

Does the woman that you see reflected back at you in the mirror (hey there, beautiful!) match who you now are on the inside? 

I would love to coach you back to what “current” looks like for you.

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