What if?

Inspired by an Instagram post by @lorikennedy and a conversation with @emilykingco , I wrote out some of the negative “what ifs” that were on repeat in my head (hello there, Gladys – yup, she’s got a name!) and then rewrote them so that the opposite is true…

What if the next phase of my life is going to be the best one yet?

What if I showed up confidently and made some really bold moves in my life and in my business?

What if I am able to balance the success of my business with the beautiful life that I envision for myself and for my family?

What a refreshing shift in perspective! Exciting times ahead…

What is the one fear that is holding you back in your life (or in your wardrobe)?

What if you took that negative self-talk and turned it around so that the opposite was true?

Give it a try. It’s amazing what can happen.